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Learn to Fly with Fly Taos Sky

About Our Flight Lessons

Fly Taos Sky provides a variety of flight training opportunities including private, instrument, commercial, instructor, multi, ATP, high-altitude and mountain flying.

We pride ourselves on providing the following:

  • Affordable rates

  • Student-centered training

  • Qualified Instructors with years of experience

  • A variety of training options

  • Well-maintained aircraft

  • Ground School and Community Building Wednesday night Taos FBO 6pm – 8pm – Free

 Pricing info – brief:

  • Discovery flight – $100 for 1 hour

  • Hourly rental cost:

    • Piper Cherokee 140 – $150/hour wet

    • Piper Cherokee 180 – $160/hour wet

  • Instructor rates:

    • Michael McCann, CFII/MEI/ATP – $85/hour

    • Jessica Caskey, CFI – $50/hour

    • Fraser MacPhee, CFI – $60/hour

    • Ground School –

Please call 575-425-0785, email, or reach out at our Contact to get started!
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